Unicorns. Rudolph, and Ice Cream
Isolating your StandOut factor

How is a well-crafted StandOut Factor like a unicorn? (Belief in unicorns is necessary for this discussion.)

So, how is a StandOut Factor like a unicorn? When you think of a StandOut Factor, you need to be thinking of a unicorn. And when you do think of a unicorn, what is the one thing that jumps out at you (besides another unicorn, that is)? Is it the unicorn’s beautiful coat? Flowing mane? Penchant for young maidens? No, none of these. The first thing you think of is the unicorn’s horn. It’s called an alicorn, by the way. But since you believe in unicorns, you probably already knew that.

The unicorn’s horn, I mean alicorn, is its StandOut Factor. Now, let’s say a unicorn had many horns. A creature such as that sounds a bit like a reindeer. When it comes to reindeer, who is the most famous one of all? Rudolph, of course.

And what is the one thing that Rudolph is most famous for? His shiny coat? His gorgeous antlers? The twinkle in his eye? He makes a mean casserole? Hell no. It’s the nose, people. Nothing BUT the big, red, shiny nose.

Knowing what you know about Rudolph and his nose so bright, you see with clarity that the nose is his StandOut Factor. Now, what if you had to sell Rudolph to Santa Claus? (You already believe in unicorns, so this shouldn’t be a stretch.) Santa is a busy guy, in theory; I mean, he really only works one day a year – but dammit, the man deserves 364 days off. I digress.

So, you want to sell a busy man who already has eight perfectly fine reindeer on purchasing your reindeer. Where do you begin? Most likely you’ll start by listing all Rudolph’s qualities that make him “all that.” But this will only leave Santa feeling dazed and confused. Why overcomplicate it? Just focus on that one thing. And this is my point: STOP OVERLOADING YOUR CUSTOMERS WITH INFORMATION!

Really. STOP. You know what would be helpful? You know what would provide a great deal of clarity? Isolating the ONE reason why Rudolph is the most special reindeer ever – and telling Santa about that.

That’d be great. Thanks.

Tell the Big Red Guy about the Big Red Nose! PUSH yourself. FOCUS on one thing, and get the job DONE. Rudolph has a lot to offer. He’s not just a nose; but his nose is his StandOut Factor.

We all love choices, don’t we? But the moment we’re saddled with ninety of them, our brain slips into overdrive. Pay attention now; I’m going to blow your mind here. The reason your brain is getting so muddled isn’t because it has to choose one. It’s because it has to reject EIGHTY NINE. Choice is not what you choose. It’s more often what you reject.

You think I’m wrong? Test it out yourself. Go to an ice cream shop. No matter how many flavors they have, no matter how long you stand there with your nose pressed against the glass deciding, what you have to do is choose. And you can only choose one. OK, maybe two, sometimes three, but that’s not the important part. The important part about the ice cream store is you are rejecting all the other flavors to choose just one. And the fewer choices you have to begin with, the easier it is to make a decision.

Now you can see, by way of unicorns, Rudolph, and ice cream, that this is what we need to do for our customers. We have to isolate a single StandOut Feature.

Are you ready to make your business really StandOut from your competitors? Then let’s do this. Begin with my free mini course. You can download it here. http://shannoncooper.com. We’ll get your StandOut Factor and unicorn fetish all sorted out in no time.

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