Distilling Your StandOut Factor

Do you know why seedless blackberry jam is so good?  It’s seedless. A total pain to make. You have to use cheesecloth (not even made of cheese) to get the juice and discard the nasty seeds. Same reason you drink bottled water when you travel. Dysentery is not delicious. Bacteria-free water is. The point is: You have to go through a process. You can’t just dismiss the process because you don’t feel like doing it. You want something good? You have to work for it.

Creating your unique, powerful StandOut Factor requires some effort. But it’s one of the most

worthwhile endeavors you can do for the growth and success of your business. In my previous

post, I described what your StandOut Factor is and why you need one. If you haven’t read that post yet, stop what you are doing and check it out now. I’ll wait.

Back? Great. Now that you understand why you need your StandOut Factor, let’s explore how you can identify and refine it.

To get to your StandOut Factor, you have to distill it. You don’t want impurities mucking up your

beautiful message. You want clarity so you can be clear for  your customers. Your customers don’t want dysentery (I assume), so you will have to distill the shit out of your thoughts.

Your StandOut Factor needs to be concise, pure, and pinpointed. All it takes is a few extra words you really don’t need, and you end up creating chaos and confusion for your customers. And that’s why you have distill your StandOut Factor. You want a single word or a short set of words.  This will make it easier to focus. And because you’ve distilled your thoughts, your customers will be clear on why they should choose you.

Think about your business. Make a lists of core features and benefits you provide, and reduce

them down to three simple ideas. Then isolate just one feature. Get rid of the words that really do not matter. That’s how we use distillation to keep your StandOut Factor pure.

Your objective is to end up with a compelling word or a simple set of words that describes the core benefit you provide. This is your StandOut Factor.

How does your StandOut Factor relieve pain? How does your StandOut Factor create gains?

I can’t stress enough how important all this is. You want to craft a StandOut Factor that will blow

your competition out of the water.  Something this important to the success of your business can’t be rushed. You need to give this process the attention it deserves. When you skip steps, impurities get into the mix and extra words send the wrong message. If you don’t distill a pure and clear StandOut Factor, then the only message you’re sending your customers is “go to the other guy.”

And I am here to help you through this exciting process. When I’m done, you will have the greatest StandOut Factor ever created. Please be sure to thank me when you’ve made enough money to buy your own island.

Are you ready to finally make the decisions and take the steps necessary to bring your business to the next level? Download my free mini-course here and get started creating your own unique

StandOut factor.

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