Creating Your Simple StandOut Sequence
Building the differentiation that separates you from the competitive herd

If you’ve been following me on social media or downloaded my free mini-course, (Note: Link to signup page) you’ve probably picked up on the phrase “StandOut Factor.” Doesn’t ring a bell? Read this first. (Note: Link to “What is the StandOut Factor” article)

Great, you’re all caught up! You know that a StandOut Factor is that special something that makes your business unique; it is the reason why you are way better than your competition. Now it’s time to apply your StandOut Factor to your marketing plan by crafting your Simple StandOut Sequence. This is where you use your brilliance to differentiate yourself and leave your competition in the dust.

You’ve no doubt heard of Domino’s Pizza. What’s so special about them? You like their sauce? Their pizza satisfies your craving for cheesy yummy-ness? No, you’ve heard of Domino’s because of their Simple StandOut Sequence: “In 30 minutes or it’s free!” That’s pretty simple, isn’t it? It tells you everything you need to know. Domino already has Pizza in the title. So, when you hear “In 30 Minutes or it’s free,” you know they’re talking about pizza, not dry cleaning.

“In 30 minutes or it’s free” conveys the fact that Domino’s has pizza and they deliver it. And they deliver it quickly. It’s simple and it’s perfectly brilliant. You immediately get the message about Domino’s Pizza; you know what makes them unique. Their Simple StandOut Sequence tells you that Domino’s is so fast, they will back up their claims with a free pizza. Clearly, their Simple StandOut Sequence works.

Now, it’s your turn: You need to come up with something as simple and effective as “in 30 minutes or it’s free” for your business. Don’t be scared; daddy’s here.

Let’s take three baby steps toward your own world domination via a Simple StandOut Sequence.

  1. Describe your StandOut Factor (still need some guidance in developing your StandOut Factor? Download my free mini-course here (Note: Link again to the signup page)
  2. Compare your StandOut Factor to the rest of the competitive herd.
  3. Own it. Fill in the blanks: “I am more awesome than my competition because I deliver this result: _________, and I’m going to back that up with ___________.”

I don’t expect you to be able to just whip out your Simple StandOut Sequence in five minutes. Give it as much thought and consideration as you did your StandOut Factor. Take it to a movie, dwell on it over a nice dinner, and nail it before the night is over.

Once you have a handle on a concise way to describe the uniqueness of your business in comparison to similar businesses, then you can put your Simple StandOut Sequence everywhere: Business cards, letterhead, print ads, website, social media, etc. A Simple StandOut Sequence done correctly will make everything obvious to your potential customers. And that’s what you want – more customers.  More customers means more business and more money; you’re happy, they’re happy, and I’m happy. Daddy is always happy when you do what you’re told to do step-by-step.

And it all starts with the free mini-course I’ve mentioned above. I look forward to seeing your unique StandOut Factor. When you have yours, tweet it to me here (Note: Link to your Twitter account) so I can share your brilliance with my followers.

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