Amplified StandOut Sequence

Have you ever flown Economy and First Class close enough together so you can really compare the two experiences? No matter how you fly, you still arrive at the same destination. But if life is all about the journey; it’s way more fun in First Class.

When you walk onto the plane the air stewards beckon to you from the curtain on the left. It’s where the cool party music is already playing, your favorite drink is waiting at your seat and it’s free! You have so much room that those sardine memories of Economy are washed away.

But you can’t forget that you are still going in the same direction as the riffraff you have so gleefully abandoned in Economy. Of course, some of the riffraff are genuinely super nice people. The problem is that in Economy, you’re seated so close to them that their nervousness or excitement spills out of their mouths in a stream of chatter that may not be just what you want to hear at the time. In First Class, people sit far enough away that it is socially acceptable, encouraged even, to not speak to you at all. Those who travel a great deal call that a perk.

Now think about how you feel when knowing you’re traveling in First Class vs. Economy. Go on, admit it, it’s a bit of a rush. You’re excited to be there because there’s only room for a few in First Class and you are one of them.

That is precisely the difference between a Simple StandOut Sequence and an Amplified StandOut Sequence. Both of them help your customers arrive at the same destination—choose you over the other guy. However, an Amplified StandOut Sequence is a little more exciting. And let’s throw in another E-word, ENTHUSIASM. Aww, yeah!

Since you have already spent time focusing on your business’s StandOut Factor (link to article), and you have crafted a Simple StandOut Sequence (link to article), you are going to take that Sequence and add some detail before we Amplify your message.

You know me: I’m an engineer at heart with a step-by-step plan for your success.

1. Tell me again why you’re great, remind me of your StandOut Factor.

2. Outline your Simple StandOut Sequence (Describe it, Compare it, Own it).

3. Focus on your Simple StandOut Sequence and apply your Distillation Filter (link to article) so we know just why you are the only choice worth our time.

4. Handle the Objections (remember, Domino’s Pizza handled objections to their speedy service by delivering in 30 minutes OR IT’S FREE).

5. Add testimonial to say, “Not only do we say we’re great, these folks do too.”

6. Make it Pop. Add a sizzling visual. Catch your customer’s eye.

Why follow these six steps? These steps make your Simple StandOut Sequence turn into an Amplified StandOut Sequence. Amplified is more effective and reminds customers they’ve arrived at their destination: Your business.

Follow these steps and your customers will know they’ve made the right decision by coming to you. After all, you explained it to them, you had others explain it to them, you made it easy to digest, visually interesting, and you backed it up. YES! Your business will solve their problem.

Want to learn even more about dominating your market and crystallizing your StandOut Factor? Download your free mini course here:

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