Spoiler alert-
this really isn’t about me, it’s about you…

…your business is lost in the competitive herd. 

You’re not sure why

And you’re not happy about it


…you want your business to stand out

You didn’t start your business to be second best.

You ARE different- people just don’t see it


…you need more customers.

Unless you have a money tree in your yard.

If you do, please send directions- I’ll be there right away.

I might even bring a tuna casserole.

Creepy accurate?
Good. You’ve come to the right place.


If I “get you,” that means I know what you need, too:


…a creative sounding board.

Someone who thinks differently than you,
and catches what you miss.


…a strategic plan.

Every tip, resource and word of encouragement
you could possibly need to succeed on your own.


…a genuine whip.

Someone who pushes you.

Someone who doesn’t lollygag, speculate, or mess around.


Guess what?

I’m that guy.

My name is Shannon Cooper:
I help businesses like yours StandOut.


It’s not hard to stand out and do things differently. Most business owners just don’t know how to put handles on how to do it.

You’re good at what you do and you know it.
You just need potential customers to know it too.

Here’s how-

By finding the one thing. That one unique StandOut Factor that raises the bar for everyone else and propels you to the top, where you tower over your competitors.

You have it.
You do.

You have one thing that you do so well, that your competition would love for you to shut up about it. They might even see it themselves.


After countless requests from my clients, friends, (and the dude who mows my lawns each fortnight), I decided to make my strategies public in 2014.

…and yeah!

That is my cheesy grin you’re looking at in the photos (before and after)


Try not to let it fool you, though.

I’m not here to play games or blow smoke up your ass.


I’m here because I’m DEDICATED to helping you, if you’re:


…open to my input

…and ready to put in some work.

What makes me believe I can help you?
Good question.

I grew up in a house full of small business people.

Well, okay just two of them. They happen to be my parents.


Over the years, I realised something:


Success in business isn’t about the size of your wallet.

It’s about how well you mix creativity and strategy.


So I grew up and went off to University  like every good Aussie kid is supposed to do.


I studied Engineering at Melbourne University and earned a Masters of Entrepreneurship & Innovation from Swinburne University. I read over 60 books a year (yes, sixty) and listened to countless audio books whilst travelling around in planes, trains and automobiles.


People like:
…Seth Godin
…Malcolm Gladwell
…Hugh McLeod
…and Tom Peters


…travelled everywhere with me.


I’ve worn many hats throughout my career (all of which fit just fine): owner, manager, marketer, strategist, business builder, engineer & human resources manager.

But the hat that I love most, wear daily, and fits best?
The “kick-ass business strategist, facilitator & agent of change” hat


Here’s my StandOut Factor that can help you find yours:

I think creatively and provide game changing strategies for business owners like yours


…ones that actually work

…ones that transform businesses

…ones that StandOut from the competitive herd


Hell, ones that challenge everything they thought they knew about business


No garish gimmicks or weird clowns, though.

I promise.


YES. I’m still an engineer.
You’re going to appreciate that too.

I was taught early on that learning and teaching requires mastery. You’ll never understand what you’re doing unless you control and define it first. That’s why every bit of information I share with my clients through coaching, consulting, workshops, articles, webinars, (and carrier pigeons) is refined, tested, proven, and best of all?

It all works.

I’ll help you find a clear purpose and direction for your business.
(Heck, I might even vacuum parallel lines in your carpet)

Oh yeah, I forgot the typical “About Me” stuff…


I’m a “morning person” because I have no choice.

My beautiful wife Fiona and I have two little girls named Harper and Payton who are as gorgeous as their mum.

I live with THREE girls (even our cat is a girl, so that makes four).

They all get me up early…like 530am early. So if you ever get an email from me before the sun comes up, that would be why.

So now that you know all about me and what I do-
let’s get down to business.

What can I do for yours?
Every relationship starts with a conversation so get in touch and let’s get started.