Stand Out Coaching Is For Business Owners Who
Are Ready To Dominate And Make A Difference


You’re a hard working business owner- passionate, ambitious, and you really know your products and services. You’re a boss.

…so why does your competition seem to be the one’s getting ahead, making waves and attracting the majority of customers and clients?

…why do you always seem to be second to the party?

…doesn’t it piss you off? To know you’re better, but you keep coming up short?

Are you tired of going from cheesy gimmick to ‘shiny object’ marketing tactic and not making a difference or getting noticed?

You’re trying to run a business- you don’t have time to be “the idea guy” too.

You know your stuff and you’re damn good at what you do.
But you can’t clone yourself.

Whether it’s new products, services, marketing, or even attracting (and keeping) the best employees, it’s easy to get frustratingly stuck when it comes to creating big ideas and game changing solutions.

Heck, even Michael Jordan had a coach.
You’re on top of your game, you just need some new insights.

You don’t need to “rival” your completion-
…you need to make them irrelevant.

A lot of business owners just try to catch up to their competitors. Instead of being different and standing out, they go for status quo. The problem is, status quo doesn’t get you noticed or fill up the bank account.

Status quo is…boring, unexciting, vanilla:

  • Status quo doesn’t respond to changing trends
  • Status quo watches their existing customers move on to their competition
  • Status quo doesn’t do anything original to stand out from the crowd
  • Status quo doesn’t create innovative or valuable new products and services
  • Status quo doesn’t know how to make their customers (and competitors) say ‘WOW’

To get noticed you need to be different.
You know, StandOut:

  • Transform your business model
  • Embrace change and new ideas
  • Shake up your industry
  • Attract new customers, dazzle their existing ones, and make your competitors blush.

If you don’t have time to do all of that, I do.

When you work with me, not only will you discover how to create new ideas and blaze new trails, you’ll never get stuck in a ‘me-too’ rut again.  I’m not just an idea guy, I’m an implementer.

Together we’ll…

…ditch the status quo
…outshine your competitors
…delight your customers
…have a damn good time doing it

When I come in and show you how creative you (already) are you’ll start seeing everything differently. You’ll innovate, create, take risks, standout and get noticed.

You don’t have to be pissed off anymore. I’m dedicated to your success and won’t stop pushing you until you don’t need me anymore so you can:

  • Implement and create strategies to build a resourceful, flexible and creative team
  • Streamline the process of idea generation to actual, tangible action

So are you ready to rumble? Are you ready to release an avalanche of ideas on your competition that will have them running home scared to their mums?


Ready to stand out? Here’s how to get the ball rolling.

This is one on one, real-time, no BS coaching. We’ll start by hopping on Skype for about 30 minutes so we can both determine if we’ll play nice together. This is a free, nice to meet you, speed-dating consultation:

  • You’ll tell me your problem and desired outcome
  • I’ll tell you if I can help you and what the next step should be

I just want to get to know you. If we click, I’ll design a coaching program that’s tailor-made for you and your situation to get you breaking new ground super quick.

You didn’t go into business to be the same as everybody else. That’s boring and doesn’t get you anywhere. You did it because you know you can do it better than the others…

…so let’s get cracking!

Apply now while I still have some coaching spots open.
I can’t help everybody, (there is only one of me) so spots typically fill up fast.

If you’re thinking that you aren’t creative enough to apply, do it anyway!
You’ll be surprised.

Most of my clients quickly find out that they’re more creative than they realize. So here’s a few questions to kick around before you go:

  1. What if you’re more creative than you realize as well?
  2. What’s it costing you not to tap into it?
  3. How valuable would it be to tap into what makes you unique so you can leverage your uniqueness to tap into every nook and cranny of your business?

Six months from now, when you’re cranking out new ideas and stealing business from your competitors, you’ll look back on today and feel relieved that you booked a strategy session with me.

Meanwhile your competition will be wishing you didn’t.

The first strategy call with me is free.
Let’s get you unstuck.