Shannon Cooper — Out-Think, Out-Play and Out-Serve

If you need a speaker to rally and inspire your team, Shannon should be at the top of your list.

When the world stands still, size, strength, and stability offer an advantage. But in a world of relentless change, hyper-competition, and omnipotent customers, it’s agility, ingenuity, and audacity that invent new markets, win customers’ hearts, and create new value.

In a creative and disruptive economy — it’s the most creative and disruptive organisations that win.

The challenge is that most organisations are programmed to safeguard the status quo. They clamp down on deviations from the norm, enforce meticulously crafted legacy policies, and isolate people and information in functions, levels, and silos. They’re more likely to guard the past than to face the future.

So, how do you unleash your organisation’s inner maverick? How do you build a company with the drive to disrupt the status quo and the capacity to change ahead of change – creating a company that’s endlessly resilient and adaptable?

That’s a question Shannon has been investigating for years in his work with some of Australia’s largest and most successful organisations, helping them run real-world large-scale experiments in hacking management and building deep organisational capability for innovation and adaptability.

When you invite Shannon to speak at your organisation, he’ll show you how to transform from an organisation where innovation is a freak sideshow to one where it is an everyday, everywhere practice.

He unpacks a set of actionable strategies drawn from his experience and work inside some of Australia’s most successful and innovative companies.

Audiences love…

Learning how to lay out the welcome mat for new (and rebellious) ideas;

How to involve and equip everyone to hack the status quo;

How to build the capacity for fearless experimentation;

and how to rethink the work of leadership.

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