Amplified StandOut Sequence

Amplified StandOut Sequence Have you ever flown Economy and First Class close enough together so you can really compare the two experiences? No matter how you fly, you still arrive at the same destination. But if life is all about the journey; it’s way more fun in First Class. When you walk onto the plane […]

Creating Your Simple StandOut Sequence

Creating Your Simple StandOut Sequence Building the differentiation that separates you from the competitive herd If you’ve been following me on social media or downloaded my free mini-course, (Note: Link to signup page) you’ve probably picked up on the phrase “StandOut Factor.” Doesn’t ring a bell? Read this first. (Note: Link to “What is the […]

Distilling Your StandOut Factor

Distilling Your StandOut Factor Do you know why seedless blackberry jam is so good?  It’s seedless. A total pain to make. You have to use cheesecloth (not even made of cheese) to get the juice and discard the nasty seeds. Same reason you drink bottled water when you travel. Dysentery is not delicious. Bacteria-free water […]

Unicorns. Rudolph, and Ice Cream

Unicorns. Rudolph, and Ice Cream Isolating your StandOut factor How is a well-crafted StandOut Factor like a unicorn? (Belief in unicorns is necessary for this discussion.) So, how is a StandOut Factor like a unicorn? When you think of a StandOut Factor, you need to be thinking of a unicorn. And when you do think […]

What is the Standout Factor?


The StandOut Factor, much like the “X-Factor” in entertainment, distinguishes you from the herd. Unlike entertainers who either have it or they don’t, a business’s Standout Factor can be logically identified, deciphered, and acted upon. Understanding your Standout Factor will help you generate attention and attract your ideal customers. Le’s put first things first: You need […]