Every business – yours included – has a department, project or team that needs help.

Sometimes it’s life-support, but more frequently it’s an injection of creativity, energy and a new way of looking at things that’s needed.

Perhaps there’s a new competitor nipping at your heels… or a product that needs reinventing, customers that are leaving… or perhaps communication gets more difficult the bigger you get.

You need to move faster, to be more influential and to make a bigger impact than you’re making today. You need better results.

And for better results to happen, change needs to happen.

For change to happen, you first need to ask yourselves how to do things differently. The quality of your questions will determine the quality of your answers.

You might need to ask new questions; employ a new way of looking at things and new ways of tackling problems.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Shannon, an engineer in Melbourne.

Or rather, a former engineer. I’ve always been great at making things work better, I get that complex solutions require sophisticated approaches to finding them.

And I understand that simplicity trumps complexity.

Nowadays, I prefer to think of myself as an “creative whip” making companies like yours work faster and more fluidly, with better results.

I bring Design Thinking, creative innovation and problem-solving strategies to my clients to help them build their reputations, seize growth and become more profitable.

The specific approach I’ll take varies from client to client.

For many organisations, the biggest point of failure is the bottleneck in communication. Innovation is stifled because creative ideas get lost in tradition, reporting lines and bureaucracy.

Which means that you’ve got all this awesome talent that you’ve invested heavily in, but you’re having trouble leveraging it.

So we’d ask: How can your people communicate new concepts in a way that gets results for the whole team?

How can you all be more influential, both internally and externally, so that you lead the market instead of follow, make projects move faster and delight your customers?

And how do you put your ideas into a narrative so that they can move internal stakeholders quickly in the right direction, so that innovation doesn’t get stifled, potential doesn’t get ignored and your best workers don’t get frustrated?

Companies like yours hire me for strategic interventions to make things work more smoothly.

If you’re ready to talk, click here to find out how we can work together.

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