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The Client

Armaguard Group (part of Linfox) are Australia and New Zealand’s leading currency management service provider. Operational since 1938, they provide secure, reliable currency management solutions to businesses. Today they employ 3500+ people in Australia and New Zealand.

The Problem

The currency management service market has changed a lot since 1938. Today, there is increased competition, rapid change, and business pressure. The added complexity means that if Armaguard wants to continue to thrive, they have to be able to adapt to new changes and threats in the market.

The Process

After some analysis, they decided that the best way to do so was to equip their leaders with the skills, resources and knowledge they’d need to think differently and enable innovation among their organization.

Assess The Problem

Shannon and the stakeholders conducted an interview session where they set expectations and discussed the client’s specific needs.

Design The Solution

After the session, Shannon used the information to tailor the Innovative Leadership Program to best suit their situation and goals.

Deliver The Solution

Once the outline was approved, Shannon facilitated the Innovative Leadership Program to over 250 leaders across Australia and New Zealand.

Monitor The Results

Shannon maintained regular communication with Armaguard and their team during the process and after to keep them informed of the results.

The Outcome

The solution Shannon designed and delivered was a great success and provided value in 4 key areas:

Reliable Delivery

Using his structured consultative and customer centric project management approaches Shannon was able design and deliver the solution on time and on budget.

Outstanding Engagement

Shannon was able to engage even the most challenging of participants thanks to his unique, high-energy facilitation methods.

Managed Implementation

Shannon was able to manage the implementation of the complex program across Australia and New Zealand to ensure success.

Unbeatable Results

Shannon equipped 250+ leaders across Australia and New Zealand with the resources and experience they’d need to lead in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

John McConachie, Manager of Organizational Development

Linfox Armaguard

“When it comes to leadership development, there are loads of facilitators that talk a good game, but Shannon makes it happen. He has successfully enabled our leaders, coached them and given them the confidence to lead their teams in very challenging times. Our leaders are engaging their teams and improving outcomes already.”

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Why No Sector Focus?

Cross-pollination is vital in my domain. Innovation and growth happen as a result of combining existing ideas to create new ones. By working with clients in a broad range of industries, I can take inspiration from leading businesses of all kinds and apply them to your own.