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The Client

The City of Casey, in Victoria, has been running the Aspiring Leaders Program since 2016. The council-sponsored corporate learning program offers a range of training in different areas such as complaints handling, community engagement, project management and innovation strategy.

The Problem

The introduction of ‘Fair Go Rate Capping’ in Victorian local government puts a cap on the amount they’re able to increase their rates by in a given year. The limits on their budgets have inspired many local councils to reassess the way they run their organizations. Now, the focus is on doing more with less and improving how they respond to the needs of citizens or provide services.

The Process

After some analysis, the City of Casey decided the best path forward was to focus on leadership development and to provide council leaders with the resources and support they’d need to create innovative solutions.

Assess The Problem

Shannon and the stakeholders conducted an interview session where they set expectations and discussed the client’s specific needs.

Design The Solution

Shannon then designed a bespoke version of his popular Innovation for Leaders program that would best suit the client’s goals.

Deliver The Solution

The program was delivered over 12 months and included a range of engaging workshops, coaching and senior leadership management.

Monitor The Results

Shannon regularly collaborates with the client on an ongoing basis to develop and improve the program’s delivery for maximum results.

The Outcome

The solution Shannon designed and delivered was a great success and provided value in 4 key areas:

Innovative Design

Shannon tailored the program to include a range of effective methods such as Game Storming, Lego Serious Play and Visual Facilitation, and more.

Impactful Experiences

Shannon delivered 9 hands-on, innovative workshops that received record participation feedback and provided attendees with the tools and resources they need to innovate long after the event.

Reliable Relationships

Shannon established a relationship based on mutual respect, honesty and transparency that drove commitment and engagement.

Lasting Engagement

Shannon and the client committed to working together on a long-term basis, and have hosted 4 Aspiring Leaders programs since 2016.

Fazra Caleel, Learning and Organisational Development Manager

City of Casey

“Shannon has delivered the City of Casey’s Aspiring Leaders Program since 2016. Given the present challenges leaders in Local Government faces, the ability to think creativity, develop new innovations and drive change is critical. Through the Aspiring Leaders Program, Shannon has consistently provided our leaders with the skills, tools and mindset that drive new work methods and innovations that align with our values and strategy.”

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Cross-pollination is vital in my domain. Innovation and growth happen as a result of combining existing ideas to create new ones. By working with clients in a broad range of industries, I can take inspiration from leading businesses of all kinds and apply them to your own.