150+ Vocus Leaders Trained In Innovative Leadership Arming Vocus For Innovation and Growth Preparing Vocus To Go Beyond Industry Boundaries

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The Client

Vocus Communications are one of Australia and New Zealand’s fastest-growing companies. Over the last 2 years, they’ve undergone a significant transformation. They have transitioned from a metropolitan fibre operator providing high-speed connections, to the owner of a fully integrated, modern telecommunications network across Australia and New Zealand.

The Problem

This new change has not only brought on growth but new challenges too. The pressure is on to go agile, form key partnerships, adapt quickly and to break out of industry boundaries. Vocus sees this as vital in their effort to build new value as their fixed and mobile businesses monetize.

The Process

To reach their goals, Vocus will have to foster innovation capabilities and continue to transform on an organizational level to become a champion of customer centricity, creative thinking and innovation.

Assess The Problem

Shannon and the stakeholders at Vocus conducted an interview session where they set expectations and discussed their ideal outcomes.

Design The Solution

Shannon then designed a bespoke version of his popular Innovation for Leaders program that would best suit the client’s needs.

Deliver The Solution

The program was delivered over 6 months and included a range of engaging workshops, coaching and senior leadership management.

Monitor The Results

Shannon regularly collaborated with the client to develop and improve the delivery and outcomes of the program for maximum results.

The Outcome

The solution Shannon designed and delivered was a great success and provided value in 4 key areas:

Effective Design

Shannon customized the program and delivered a 2-day design thinking and creativity workshop designed to improve customer empathy, creative ideation, and prototyping to leadership teams across Australia and New Zealand.

Engaging Experiences

The program Shannon delivered to 150+ leaders was well received, and participants were successfully immersed and engaged in the process, enabling teams to adopt their learnings across the organization rapidly.

Transferable Tools

Shannon crafted the program and the tools included to be highly-transferable so the leaders at Vocus could quickly and easily teach them to others.

Tangible Improvement

The program not only provided theory and tools but forced teams and stakeholders to apply them to real-life projects so they could gain a hands-on understanding of the concepts covered.

Anne Mihos, Learning & Development Manager

Vocus Communications

“Shannon’s brief was to create a leadership development program that not only aligned to our values but also to challenge our leadership team to think more creatively, innovate more regularly and to maintain a relentless focus on our customers. He nailed it! He researched, interviewed and aligned himself with the business. The leaders love his facilitation style, his energy, his quirky cartoons and his depth of experience and knowledge.”

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Why No Sector Focus?

Cross-pollination is vital in my domain. Innovation and growth happen as a result of combining existing ideas to create new ones. By working with clients in a broad range of industries, I can take inspiration from leading businesses of all kinds and apply them to your own.